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Writer Spike Gillespie on founding the Kick Ass Awards & the Office of Good Deeds

“I think it was 2001 when I first came up with the idea for the Kick Ass Trophy. My friend and mentor, Molly Ivins, the hilarious political columnist, had just finished her first round of chemo. She was hosting a party to thank those of us who’d supported her through treatment. I wanted to bring

25 Year Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Today, 25 years ago my life changed in a way that almost nobody could have ever anticipated. And along with it, it changed the entire world. Few peaceful events in history had such a dramatic global impact as the fall of the Berlin Wall. As many of you know, I grew up in East Germany.

New award collection coming soon

We are so excited to launch our new TROPHYOLOGY award collection GEOMETRIA. If you follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram, you have seen our teasers of shapes and forms that have inspired this new collection. Just a few more days until launch date. We can’t wait to share our newest awards with you. Stay

How carpet made in Sweden inspires our awards made in the USA

When we design our Trophyology awards, plaques, and gifts, we always look for inspiration in the worlds of design, art, architecture, and fashion. We are truly inspired by our fellow creatives here in Austin, Texas, the United States and all around the globe. We are inspired not just by the amazing work they create, but

Spruce up your Workspace in 2014

It’s a new year, and we’re ready to bring a new energy to our workspaces. If you’re in the mood for some office enhancements yourself, we’ve found some gorgeous, inspirational photos. You’ll see that we’re drawn to spaces with abundant daylight and monochromatic palettes. Creative touches like a DIY desk define some of these spaces.

Happy Wrapping!

You know that we love thoughtful, well-chosen gifts. We also believe that packaging is part of making the experience special. We create memorable packaging for TROPHYOLOGY products such as our Austin Energy Green Building plaques. And this time of year, we love to bring our passion for packaging to holiday gift-giving. Here are some gift


A boss whose patience and good humor keep morale high. A colleague who always has a listening ear. An employee who goes above and beyond. Showing appreciation to the special people in your workplace will make this season and your entire year more joyful. We believe in the power of thoughtful, personal expressions of gratitude,

Vintage Trophy Holidays

Vintage trophies can be the unexpected star of your holiday table. They’re elegant without being stuffy and add a dash of wit and history. Trophies provide a burnished glow as they reflect your holiday lights, and they harmonize with your other metallic decorations. We rounded up some of our favorite ideas for incorporating trophy vases

License to Trust

We so enjoyed our recent conversation with award-winning architect and University of Texas School of Architecture Assistant Professor Matt Fajkus. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to check out the thoughts on recognition and inspiration he shared with us last week. One thought that Matt shared especially intrigued us, and we wanted to explore it


It is no secret that we here at Trophyology are inspired by the House of Chanel. We are in love with the high quality, the level of innovation, and the attention to detail Chanel sets forward season after season, year after year. Chanel’s designs have walked the tight rope between fashion and style, between tradition and innovation,

Things we love: Pieces with a story

What is it about objects with a special story? They are the things we fall in love with, the things we treasure because they have been passed on to us, and they are the things we carry with us on our journey. They are the things we admire greatly and believe in creating at TROPHYOLOGY.

Travel Inspirations from the Pacific Northwest

During my recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, I fell in love with its beautiful flora and fauna, the stunning mountains, and the adjoining sea. What a gorgeous spot on earth this is! Portland charmed me with its very livable and rich urban life and its incredibly friendly people. After a wonderful train ride to
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Beyond the Trophy

As creators of awards, trophies, and plaques, perhaps we’re a little biased, but we love seeing these special symbols reinvented. That’s what inspired our collage today. It’s delightful  to contemplate the stories behind these objects. When were they awarded, and to whom? And we love the special sense of history they bring to everything from

How to buy awards, trophies, and plaques

You’ve pored over the nominations and applications and now comes the fun part: presenting a special honor to a special person or group of people. At TROPHYOLOGY, we believe in tangible symbols of appreciation that are worthy of outstanding accomplishments and reflect the care you took in selecting recipients. Think about how much effort and