New award collection coming soon

We are so excited to launch our new TROPHYOLOGY award collection GEOMETRIA. If you follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram, you have seen our teasers of shapes and forms that have inspired this new collection. Just a few more days until launch date 08.05.14. We can’t wait to share our newest awards with you.

Entrepreneurial Tightrope

Small Business Week may be officially over, but really, all of you awesome fellow small business owners know that Small Business Week has 365 days and then some. I read this statistic that in the US over 57% of the private workforce is employed by small businesses. I was surprised to read that number because
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How carpet made in Sweden inspires our awards made in the USA

When we design our Trophyology awards, plaques, and gifts, we always look for inspiration in the worlds of design, art, architecture, and fashion. We are truly inspired by our fellow creatives here in Austin, Texas, the United States and all around the globe. We are inspired not just by the amazing work they create, but

The Box: Reflections on a meaningful years-of-service-award

Recently, Trophyology created some recognition gifts for Corgan, a large architecture firm with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Corgan employees with 25 years of service were awarded handcrafted wood stationery boxes which we custom-designed specifically for the occasion. We are so happy that our recognition awards and milestone gifts seem to be truly resonating with their
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Interview: Michael Yates

TROPHYOLOGY awards and plaques are made with love in Austin, Texas, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to the people who help bring them to life. Today, we’re featuring Michael Yates. This gifted woodworker is one of our key collaborators. In fact, he’s been sharing his talents with TROPHYOLOGY since our earliest days. Founder and

Awards & gifts in the making

We were very excited when our client Austin Energy asked us to design the packaging for a commemorative book at the end of last year. The book would be given to City of Austin officials as a gift outlining Austin Energy’s Roadmap. As you know, we love making the packaging an integral part of the

Spruce up your Workspace in 2014

It’s a new year, and we’re ready to bring a new energy to our workspaces. If you’re in the mood for some office enhancements yourself, we’ve found some gorgeous, inspirational photos. You’ll see that we’re drawn to spaces with abundant daylight and monochromatic palettes. Creative touches like a DIY desk define some of these spaces.

Happy Wrapping!

You know that we love thoughtful, well-chosen gifts. We also believe that packaging is part of making the experience special. We create memorable packaging for TROPHYOLOGY products such as our Austin Energy Green Building plaques. And this time of year, we love to bring our passion for packaging to holiday gift-giving. Here are some gift


A boss whose patience and good humor keep morale high. A colleague who always has a listening ear. An employee who goes above and beyond. Showing appreciation to the special people in your workplace will make this season and your entire year more joyful. We believe in the power of thoughtful, personal expressions of gratitude,


When Mark Maček talks about receiving a Texas Society of Architects Artisan Award this year, he describes the meaning of the moment in a way that perfectly befits his occupation. “I’m not the kind of person that jumps up and down and hugs everybody nearby” when winning an award, Mark says. “It’s more like I’m

Vintage Trophy Holidays

Vintage trophies can be the unexpected star of your holiday table. They’re elegant without being stuffy and add a dash of wit and history. Trophies provide a burnished glow as they reflect your holiday lights, and they harmonize with your other metallic decorations. We rounded up some of our favorite ideas for incorporating trophy vases

East Austin Studio Tour

The first weekend of East Austin Studio Tour was amazing, and we want to thank all of you who made it such a memorable time. It was great to see familiar faces and meet new friends and supporters. The TROPHYOLOGY studio and our talented neighbors at the Pump Project Satellite greeted a steady flow of


The weekends of the East Austin Studio Tour are some of our favorites of the year, and we’re thrilled to be participating in this event for the second time. We invite you to visit us at our studio space at the Pump Project Satellite. We’d love to introduce you to our team and give you


Fall is a busy season for awards in Austin, and we want to send some extra congratulations, cheers and pats on the back to all the people who have received awards or reached milestones. We hope the TROPHYOLOGY Honor Roll can be a place where we celebrate accomplishments as a community. Architecture During the Texas