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Recognition is a basic human need. We all need to know that we are valued and appreciated for our contributions. Just ask Eva Schone – founder of TROPHYOLOGY – an Austin-based awards and recognition business with a heavy emphasis on design thanks to Eva’s architectural roots and talents. Trophyology has been recognized across the industry for its innovative concept and design. In addition to being a design finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made competition, Trophyology also won an innovative practices award from the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Not bad.

It’s anything but easy to start a creative business, especially one in an industry as niche as this one. Today, Eva shares a few of the lessons she’s learned during her four years of business.

Flashback to Tampa, Fla. The year is 2003. As an architecture student, little did I know that a competition to design an award for the American Institute of Architects would lay the foundation for the journey of starting my boutique award design firm, TROPHYOLOGY.

I remember how excited I was when I thought about designing an award for architects who were being honored for excellent architectural design. What an opportunity! This was the first time I thought about what an award means and how important its design is in communicating the values for which someone is being honored.

Even in my work today, I feel strongly that the quality of the award should match the significance of the achievement as well as the elegance of the event. It’s the piece that the honorees take with them and that represents not only the recognition for many years to come, but also the organization awarding the honor, and the event itself.

Four years into this adventure, TROPHYOLOGY continues to blaze a trail. In addition to our innovative design, we differentiate ourselves by handcrafting every single award in Austin, Texas. It was one of the first decisions I made when I started out: to support our economy and traditional crafts by fabricating in the U.S. and sourcing as many materials as close to home as possible. Collaborating with skillful and talented artisans and craftsmen is extremely important to me, and I am very proud of the high quality our team delivers. 


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