SPOTLIGHT: Welcome, Geometria Award Collection

We are thrilled to introduce our new award collection GEOMETRIA today with this video!

Inspired by geometric forms and shapes found in iconic historic monuments, art, contemporary architecture and design, the six-piece Geometria award collection continues TROPHYOLOGY’s mission to give the awards and recognition industry a design update and to create awards that truly reflect the significance of the achievements they honor and that are proudly given, received, and displayed.

The six pieces in the collection are designed to stand alone as beautiful individual awards and also work together as a group. Geometria awards are available in walnut or maple and are paired with environmentally friendly, nontoxic milk paint.

Since our founding in 2011, we have thought about achievement and recognition a whole lot and Geometria expresses many of our observations in physical form.

We measure our achievements as a society at large in context of those of our forefathers. Many achievements of civilizations past are incredibly awe-inspiring monuments that are must-see destinations, and we travel the globe to see them with our own eyes. Often they are based on sacred geometry (geometric proportions in pyramids in Egypt and Latin America, Japanese temples, Islamic murals,  cathedrals and churches, etc.) In fact, geometry is everywhere.

  • Architecture is geometry in built form.
  • Art is often based on proportions rooted in geometry.
  • Philosophers have tried to make sense of the world in terms of geometry.
  • Mother Nature is filled with examples of ingenious geometric composition.
  • Our everyday life can be broken down into countless assemblies of geometric shapes.

In short, geometric shapes are the building blocks of life.
It is only fitting then, that geometric shapes would also become the building blocks to honor our best who contribute to our society with their ingenious minds and hard work to create lasting impact.

As all of our work, Geometria awards are handcrafted by the talented artisans of the Mark Macek Furniture Company in Austin, Texas.

A huge thanks to all of our amazing collaborators Mark Macek, Shota Yamaguchi, Ace San Miguel of the Mark Macek Furniture Company, Joanna Hartman, Sharon Reynolds, and Sarah Beckham who have helped tremendously to bring these designs to life and out into the world.  We are in love with the beautiful photography by Rachel Kay of Applebox Imaging and with the lovely video composition by Twila LaBar of McKim Creek Media.

Over the next few days and weeks we will share with you more of our inspirations behind Geometria.

Until then, please help us celebrate our milestone achievement of launching this new collection. It is a labor of love and we are proud of it. As always, we are grateful your generous support in helping us spread the word.

Viva Geometria!





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