TRAVEL: Pacific Northwest

During my recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, I fell in love with its beautiful flora and fauna, the stunning mountains, and the adjoining sea. What a gorgeous spot on earth this is!

Portland charmed me with its very livable and rich urban life and its incredibly friendly people. After a wonderful train ride to Seattle, the city welcomed me in one of the most beautiful train stations I have experienced. Seattle’s terrain got me truly engaged in walking and offered rest and delicious food in its many stylish eateries, cafes, and lounges.

In both cities I enjoyed seeing so many beautiful old buildings which were lovingly restored to new glory. The tasteful selections in several curated boutiques inspired and delighted me. I was especially drawn to warm metallic tones, facade details, and objects. Please enjoy with me some of my favorite finds and discoveries:


  1. Gorgeous Letter Box in foyer of commercial building in downtown Portland, OR. Oh, how we would love to put it back to use with Thank-You notes!
  2. Entry sconce at the US National Bank Building Portland, OR. All the light fixtures were originally made in 1917 by Fred Baker especially for the U.S. National Bank. He rewired the fixtures in 1975 at the age of 90 so the fixtures could accommodate larger bulbs for better lighting.
  3. Beautiful chrome-plated steel bike my friend Architect John Maier rides in Portland. Loved that bike!
  4. Fell in love with the Art Deco façade of the Charles E. Berg Building in downtown Portland, OR – built in 1902. Would this not make the perfect Trophyology headquarters? Ok, we are allowed to dream, right?
  5. My favorite object at the skillfully curated shop Totokaelo in Seattle. Bronze Bowl by Alma Allen.
  6. Façade detail, 1st Avenue, Seattle
  7. Hand-woven wall tapestry of metallic thread at TotokaeloNative Line
  8. US National Bank Building Portland, OR. The bronze doors to the lobby were designed by Arvard Fairbanks, a former professor of sculpture at the University of Oregon. He was inspired by the world famous fifteenth century “Gates of Paradise” doors to the Baptistry in Florence, Italy.
  9. Favorite hang-out spot in Seattle: Arabica Lounge in the Capitol Hill neighborhood – stylish setting & delicious food made with love.
  10. Newly remodeled King Street Station, Seattle – A Must See! I highly recommend taking the Cascades train between Seattle & Portland to experience this gem and a magical ride along the water.
  11. Copper light fixture and hand-woven wall tapestry of metallic thread at TotokaeloNative Line



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