SPOTLIGHT: Custom Corporate Gifts for Hanger, Inc.

Today we're focusing the spotlight on a custom corporate gift design created for client Hanger Inc.
Hanger is a leading national provider of products and services that assist in enhancing or restoring the physical capabilities of patients with disabilities or injuries. Truly an amazing and needed mission!
This piece is a custom stationary box made from beautiful locally-harvested pecan. This wood choice was made to reference Hanger's headquarters location in Austin, Texas.
Inset in the pecan is Hanger's colorful Empower Mark, which represents “a beacon of hope for Hanger’s clients." Its multiple colors represent "the diversity of Hanger’s units, products, and service offerings.”
Trophyology loves to empower our clients with excellent, sophisticated design choices to honor their heroes. We love creating custom designs of all kinds.
Looking forward to and can't wait for our future designs created for Hanger! Onward and upwards!


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