SPOTLIGHT: Aspen Heights Team Recognition Awards


Aspen Heights Honorees 

Spotlight: Aspen Heights Honorees

We are shining the spotlight on our client Aspen Heights and their recent employee recognition award winners. The eleven honorees highlighted here are recognized for achievement across the board -- from the Leader of the Year Award to the Creativity Award. 

According to Aspen Heights, "Recognition is important to us and our end-of-year awards have become a tradition everyone looks forward to." We learned that these particular awards have an added layer of significance because of the way honorees are identified. "These awards are especially meaningful because the nominations are submitted by people within the organization, so our winners are those who have made a direct impact on their peers."

In 2019, we began working with Aspen Heights and are grateful for our shared values around excellence in design, craftsmanship, and experience. Again, from Aspen Heights, "We decided to shift from the more traditional trophy style, which led us to Trophyology. We could not have found a better partner. They visited our office with samples of their products and we were blown away. The trophies they produce are stylish, modern, and truly capture the significance of the recognition. We have worked with them for two years now and the experience has always been a positive one. The team at Trophyology is incredible. They have a very reasonable production time for customized products and they communicate with you all along the way. It’s evident they take pride in delivering a quality product to customers. They really think of every detail – from the craftsmanship of the wood to the soft cloth case the trophies are presented in – it’s quality through and through."

Aspen Heights selected a recognition suite consisting of Figura Trigonum and Quadratum in our solid walnut paired with white metal name plates.



Learn more about each honoree below with first-hand quotes from colleagues detailing why these winners are so deserving. 


Honoree: Brian Wei
Title: Director of Marketing
Award: Rookie of The Year
From Aspen Heights Partners (AHP) colleagues: 

“..he has thrived in his role and led the team to a successful pandemic lease up. So proud of what he has accomplished, with a strong and positive attitude.”

“..always there to help and seems so genuine. I enjoy working alongside him.”


Honoree: Jessica Palma
Title: Director of Training and Communication
Award: Connection Award
From AHP colleagues:

“..has a way of making learning fun! and is always trying to come up with ways to better our communication in any system we use.”

“..genuinely cares about people and makes us ALL feel special.”

From Jessica: "Thank you so much for the kind words and for putting heart into the trophies you craft! It was an honor to receive this award and having it commemorated on such a unique and beautifully designed trophy makes the entire experience so special."  


Honoree: Ryan DeVeau
Title: General Manager
Award: Creativity Award
From AHP colleagues:

“He came into this lease up ready to try it all, the content coming out of Fayetteville is so great!”

“Always on top of any new marketing initiatives we roll out. Our team knows that we can reach out to Ryan as a resource for on the ground insights and MIP plans.”


Honoree: Nicole Smith
Title: Senior General Manager
Award: Performance Award
From AHP colleagues:

“..you’ve established yourself as a go-to, for everything from staffing advice to Entrata.”

“..ended the last fiscal year with a positive NOI, leased to 100% occupancy, backfilled ALL your no-shows, maintained an occupancy above budget, and are on track for another great lease up. Way to perform!”

Honoree: Amanda Speake 
Title: General Manager
Award: Rookie General Manager of The Year
From AHP colleagues:

“Amazing job jumping into Ames right before turn and leasing them to 100% this year!”

“Amanda blew leasing out of the water and showed great commitment to bringing success to Aspen Ames!”


Honoree: Matthew Rinker 
Title: Regional Director
Award: Ass Kicked & Kicking Ass
From AHP colleagues:

“..without a doubt crushed it in 2020.”

“..has been through the ringer 2020 and continues to fight fire in the new year. He has handled hard situations with grace, along with stern leadership direction.”


Honoree: Whitney Cox
Title: General Manager
Award: General Manager of The Year
From AHP colleagues:

“She is a true champion for her team - cultivating a strong team dynamic and leading the group to much success this year!”

“You’re a force to be reckoned with! You’ve done a great job leading Springfield.”


Honoree: Jessica Glisson
Title: Regional Director
Award: Leader Of The Year
From AHP colleagues:

“..just a badass. She motivates me and my team everyday. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

“...is smart, diligent thorough and consistently performs. She holds the bar high for her teams and teaches them what they need to be successful. She recognizes talent and grooms our future leaders.”

Honoree: Olin Browning
Title: Assistant General Manager
Award: Site Team Member Of The Year
From AHP colleagues:

“...always upbeat, looks for positive outcomes or compromises in difficult circumstances and focuses on the good.”

“Multiple parents at the Knoxville move in went out of their way to tell me how much they adored sweet Olin. We had a mom drive all the way there just to meet him in person.”

Honoree: KG Mauer
Title: Maintenance Supervisor
Award: Maintenance Supervisor of the Year
From AHP colleagues:

"KG refused to take the picture without his team, Xavier and Steffan, because he credits his success to the group effort, which perfectly explains the kind of person he is." 

“He loves his team and treats them like family. You can just tell he genuinely loves his job and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

“When College Station needed an MS, he stepped up to the plate and balanced his work days to provide them with support while supporting his own property as well.”

Honoree: Morgan McCommas
Title: Regional Director
Award: Leadership Award
From AHP colleagues:

“..her mindset is always focused on creating solutions.”

“..a problem solver, a self-starter, and always resilient and flexible. It showed tremendously when delivering Wichita. She is often consulted for processes or projects related to our operating procedures due to her vast knowledge of daily operations on site.”



Congratulations again to all the honorees! We appreciate you, Aspen Heights! 


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