SPOTLIGHT: Immuta Sales Team Honorees

Corporate Sales Awards Custom Engraving

The Immuta team recently gathered for their bi-annual Sales meeting. This opportunity to build team and culture included honoring excellence on their sales team. 


Immuta's dedication to recognition is reflected in their commitment to healthy culture: "Culture is built every minute of every day. It’s part of every communication, interaction, and meeting. It guides what we do or not do, and the way we work together. It influences how we know what we know and how we do what we do. At the core of an enduring culture is a set of values that we all believe in and engrain into everything we do."


We are grateful for our partners at Immuta for collaborating with us to celebrate their honorees in style. From Immuta's Director of Business Operations Jason McCluskey, "They look amazing - from the actual award, the laser engraving and the wrap to the packaging these are not "trophies" they are pieces of sculpture. From one architect to another, I appreciate the thought and detail in elevating the object. I wish I was getting one of these, not just giving them out!"


Congratulations to all of the sales team honorees!


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