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Wooden Plaques Engraved Design


Our client Locus Robotics recently came to us with a new project to honor the patent holders who have driven the innovation behind the company’s success. 

Locus Robotics has established itself as one of the leading industrial robotics makers, receiving unicorn status earlier this year -- a $1 billion valuation. Locus was one of the first in its field to attain this impressive achievement.

In collaboration with Locus, we created 66 walnut plaques that recognize the hard work of the individuals who laid the foundation for the company’s growth. We love that Locus has recognized the value of these innovators with these meaningful personalized wall plaques.

Corporate Sales Awards Custom Engraving


An example of some of the patented technology includes the robot’s ability to automatically recognize workers and customize their experience by displaying information in the worker’s preferred settings and language. Patented, proprietary software also provides real-time analytics, dashboards, and reporting to support continuous improvement. Overall, these patents facilitate greater productivity, reduced error rates, and improved efficiency in warehouse environments.

Walnut awards plaque


Congratulations to all the Locus honorees!


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