Why Corporate Awards are Important for Your Business

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As a business owner or manager, you may be wondering why corporate awards are important. What can a trophy really do for the company as a whole? But if you’re trying to foster an environment of respect, recognition, and appreciation within your company, awarding your employees is a simple and easy practice that goes a long way. And doing so with a custom award that’s memorable and unique will make all the difference for those who receive them. 

Why Give Out Awards?

When people feel appreciated, they’re more likely to stay motivated and engaged. Praise and recognition are far more encouraging than criticism. If someone at work is doing a great job, help them to feel seen by officially recognizing them in front of their peers. Awarding some employees annually, quarterly or monthly can also help to create a sense of friendly competition, while still encouraging them to support and congratulate one another.

Through appreciating and recognizing employees, your business can also improve its retention rates. Employees who feel valued are less likely to leave their jobs for greener pastures. Plus, they’ll be more likely to get the word out about the positive company culture you’ve created. If you want your business to have a positive reputation, and increase brand awareness, be sure to communicate with and appreciate your employees. Corporate employee recognition awards are one simple and lasting way to do that.

Who Should I Give a Corporate Award To and When?

How you choose to recognize people in your company is entirely up to you. Referencing company values is a great place to start. Here are several popular awards and titles presented by many employers and executives.

Modern quarterly awards for business or corporations

Employee of the Month or Quarter:

A tried-and-true way to recognize and reward employees for their hard work on a monthly or quarterly basis. This award is typically given to an employee who has gone above and beyond in their department, or who is undoubtedly dedicated to their job. Presenting your Employee of the Month or Quarter with a distinguished, high-quality trophy will show them you consider this more than just a routine award.

Salesperson of the Year:

For businesses that rely heavily on sales, a Salesperson of the Year Award is a great way to recognize and reward top performers. This recognition is typically given to salespeople who have achieved the highest sales numbers, and who have the drive and persistence to close countless deals. Sales can be a tireless job, where employees face rejection daily and constantly strive to overcome objections and meet quotas. Recognizing your salespeople for their achievements will make them feel appreciated, and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Team Player Award:

The Team Player Award is a great way to recognize staff members who have gone out of their way to help and support their coworkers. This award is typically given to someone who has exhibited exceptional teamwork and collaboration skills, who lifts up other people in their department, and who makes quality contributions to the company. Not everyone has to take charge to be considered a good employee, and rewarding your top team players will communicate that distinction.

 Innovation Award:

Innovation Awards are a great way to recognize those who routinely initiate  new and creative ideas. This honor is typically given to an employee who has made a significant contribution to the company's success through their innovative thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, and through valuable technology improvements that may result in copyrights and patents.

Sales award for business or corporations

Why A Physical Award?

Corporate recognition  can be presented  in a variety of forms, but one of the most exciting and meaningful ways for someone to receive a title is with an accompanying personalized physical trophy or plaque. It allows them to proudly display it in their office, at home or at work, sharing their achievements with others and giving themselves a boost of confidence every time they glance at the piece with their engraved name. After all, “A person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie

Perhaps you’ll choose to order customized, modern designs for your awards – such as our Geometria Award Collection, inspired by ancient geometric monuments and architecture. Or you can recognize them with a personalized, modern wall plaque that they can hang prominently on a wall for it to be visible on  Zoom calls and in-office visits.

Regardless, taking the time to find unique, creative, and attractive awards for your employees that will last many years really communicates that you value them as people and that you genuinely appreciate the  hard work they contribute.

No matter how you decide to recognize people in your company, you’ll see the benefits right away. You’ll feel good about yourself and your business, and your employees will feel seen and appreciated. 


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