exquisite awards
made in the usa

Trophyology is creating a new experience
in the world of recognition with
beautifully designed, high-quality awards and gifts
that reflect the spirit of exceptional achievement.

We love that people are proud when they are recognized for their hard work and significant contributions. We also love the sincere sentiments behind recognition. We create recognition pieces that lend gravitas to occasions and honors: innovative in design and handcrafted with quality and care by artisans in Austin, Texas.

The Awards Collection

Trophyology offers a collection of modern awards and business gifts, which we happily engrave for our clients. In addition, Trophyology has earned a reputation for custom design services creating trophies, plaques, and corporate gifts specifically for our clients who wish to have a unique design that elegantly incorporates their brand. Whether you choose from our collection catalog or work with us on a custom design, Trophyology pieces add distinction and sophistication to recognition ceremonies, executive award presentations, and employee appreciation events.

Our Process

We take great pride in our work. Excellent design and craftsmanship are our highest priorities. Trophyology awards are handcrafted by accomplished and talented woodworkers in Austin, Texas. We also work with high-quality metal fabricators in our region, and we support other small businesses in our community. We source as many materials as possible in the United States. When we are not engraving the pieces ourselves, we collaborate with local engravers. Our awards, trophies, plaques and gifts are delivered in attractive packaging that we also design and often fabricate ourselves. We have rigorous quality control procedures and high expectations on ourselves. It is our hope that our passion and care shine through.

Design Philosophy

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."
- Leonardo Da Vinci

It is our goal that our designs appear effortless despite the rigorous effort we put into each. We believe that good design is a result of good editing. We aim for elegance that will stand the test of time. We draw inspiration from sources including architecture, art, and fashion. Music is also a constant inspiration, as we often listen to jazz and classical music while creating and making.

Clients and Honorees

“Quality craftsmanship combined with clarity of thought.  An award with its own achievement quietly but strongly presented.”

Lindsay Nakashima – Juror 2011 DWR Modern+Function+Design Austin Furniture Now Competition

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