We believe...

Being different is good.

As architects, artists, sculptors, and master craftsmen, our approach is unconventional… and that’s a good thing. We think outside the box (even when we’re designing boxes!), to bring you recognition pieces that don’t look or feel like anything you’ve seen before.

Styles may change, but quality shouldn’t.

Mass-produced awards that follow the status-quo will never be status symbols. We place a premium on elegant design, fine materials, and superior craftsmanship.

Excellence is its own reward.

Our greatest achievement is seeing how excited, appreciative, and proud the people who receive (and give) our awards are.

Leaders lead by example.

Our timeless, sophisticated design and progressive practices make us the recognized trailblazer in the award and recognition industry. We’re proud to be a 100% woman-owned business.

Good design should be accessible to everyone.

That’s why you’ll find both custom designs and more affordable collections that provide an exceptional value for handcrafted, timeless designer awards.

We’re proud of our work… and it shows.

We call Austin, Texas home and handcraft each piece exclusively in the U.S.A., to support our local economy and guarantee our design and quality are consistently exceptional. We love our team, and our clients!


Founder Eva Schone 

A German native, Eva has called the United States home since 1998. Prior to founding Trophyology, Eva worked as a licensed architect for over a decade. Eva’s background in fashion provided opportunities to live and work internationally, study luxury design, fine materials and expert craftsmanship. Her love and appreciation for thoughtful and elegant design translated naturally from her careers in fashion and architecture to her journey as an entrepreneur. She founded Trophyology in 2011and has been recognized as an innovator by the business and design communities.

“As a designer, I see such a wonderful opportunity in this work to not only create beautiful objects, but objects that carry deep meaning and heartfelt sentiments. I love thinking about how to express excellence, honor, and courage in material form. Seeing the pride with which our awards are given and received is special and fulfilling to me.

I've been asked for whom I would like to design an award: The many persistent people who stood up to the government of the former East German republic. Their brave protest changed my life, allowing me to live and work in the United States, something I could never have dreamed of growing up in East Germany. I’ll be forever grateful to those men and women."






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