When we decided to introduce new materials into the Trophyology award and plaque collections, acrylic was immediately a strong contender. A staple material of the award industry, we felt inspired to design acrylic trophies that break the mold of the stereotypical outdated acrylic star or slab award all of us have seen far too many times. 

As a team of architects, designers and artisans we are very familiar with iconic acrylic designs - - hop on over to our blog to see some of these gorgeous creations - - and we endeavored to expand our established award design language with acrylic in ways that would offer a new perspective and excellent value to our clients.


What makes acrylic interesting?


Color + Texture

Our Speculo award collection highlights the beautiful tonal quality of acrylic, also known as plexiglass. This material can take on many different colors and shades and we decided to work with two tones of smokey-gray acrylic. In addition, acrylic can be textured - here we are utilizing a frosted texture on the back of the discs. Since the concept behind Speculo trophies is rooted in the reflection of excellence, the plexiglass discs also feature reflective surfaces facing the observer.   

Our Glacio acrylic award collection works with a beautiful solid opaque white acrylic that interacts beautifully with light. When backlit, the white plexi trophy radiates a calming glow. We developed a special finishing process for these acrylic pieces that give them a satin feel. 


Shape + Thickness + Weight

We love that acrylic can take on practically any shape through various fabrication processes. In our work, we focus on shaping plexiglass into well proportioned minimalist geometric forms, such as circles, squares, octagons, hexagons, etc. 

The two Speculo acrylic discs are fairly thin and light-weight and they rest comfortably in the walnut base. In contrast, Glacio awards feature a substantial and thick acrylic base that is paired with a thinner projecting geometric acrylic name plate. 


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