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“A highly developed values system is like a compass. It serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.”
Idowu Koyenikan

Values are at the heart of appreciation and recognition. With our Glacio collection, we are exploring the ways in which thoughtful design and shape can embody the values that define us and drive us to achieve.

Glacio is a minimalist layered award that fuses a significant square base with a projecting geometric plate. The frosty dense material has a dynamic light quality that can range from soft white opaque to glowing translucent. Combined with a weighty feel and satin touch, Glacio is a unique statement on any shelf or desk. 

If you're looking for memorable modernist gifts, or state of the art corporate trophies and awards, the Glacio collection has a lot to offer. 

Each of the four Glacio shapes -- square, circle, hexagon, and octagon -- can reflect a variety of values and meanings. 

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