Some of our esteemed Clients include:


Trophyology Modern Executive Awards Clients We are humbled by the following testimonials and reflections about our work:

“We couldn't be more impressed with our awards. Wow!  The craftsmanship is outstanding and the final product is truly a work of art!  We have enjoyed every aspect of doing business with the Trophyology team; your level of customer service and care are second to none.  Thank you for being so attentive to every detail and for providing us with a spectacular product of the highest quality.  We look forward to celebrating future honors at our firm with your team creating just the right artful element to mark the occasion!” 

Hnedak Bobo Group. Tamara Goff. Principal


“Homes and buildings that receive a star rating on behalf of Austin Energy Green Building surpass industry standards for sustainable construction and design. It is fitting, that a star-rated property is recognized with a Trophyology plaque that is unparalleled in design, materials and craftsmanship. Thoughtful and innovative design plus adherence to Green Building's core values were all fundamental to our recognition piece. Our plaques integrate beautifully with any home or building and they are displayed with great pride.”

Austin Energy. Brenda de la Garza. Marketing Communications Consultant 


“Such a beautiful, elegant expression which so perfectly speaks to our culture.”

Jon Holzheimer, COO and Managing Principal, Corgan Inc.


"Trophyology really added to the spirit and meaning of each award. We are so glad we found you! I’m already looking forward to next year’s awards."

Emyth. Jane Peart. Marketing Strategist 


"THEY LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!! Our VP was blown away by these….he said they are fantastic. Way better than our glass awards we used the past 3 years. These are a beautiful piece of art that I am sure the nominees will be proud to showcase!"

dmg :: events. Amanda Bazant. Content Producer


"On behalf of AmerisourceBergen thank you for the wonderful collaboration and incredible dedication to producing an amazing product."

AmerisourceBergen. E. Scott Gladfelter. Art Director, Brand Strategy


"Our President, Eugenie Havemeyer, was so thrilled to unwrap our presents today and exclaimed that we 'have never had anything this nice before.' 

To hear the pride in her voice and to know that she was pleased, was so incredibly gratifying."

Metropolis Magazine. Mark A. Vance. Vice President Marketing


"We loved the awards! Thanks again for working with us and meeting our tight timeline!"

AirBnB. Dana Vogt Phillips. Experience Design Team


“Stunning!!  No other words come to mind to describe the gifting of the design of the "Roofer" for Mobile Loaves and Fishes. The complete essence of what we were trying to capture flows from this beautiful combination of wood, leather and stainless steel.”

Mobile Loaves and Fishes. Alan Graham. President 


“We are excited about the work that you do.  It is professional, it is upscale, and most importantly, it is unique. We received the award on-time, and it was a huge success! We look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

Health Industry Distributors Association. Justin Waters. Executive Assistant 


“Your awards are spectacular!  They are quickly becoming the highlight of our awards ceremony and everyone gushes over how beautiful they are.”

University of South Florida. School of Architecture + Community Design.  Mary Hayward


“We just received the trophy. We are speechless it's so stunning! Thank you! Thank you!”

BeyondCurious. Gretchen Torrison. Executive Assistant to CEO 


“AIA Tennessee architects have fallen in love with your creations. Simply stunning!”

AIA Tennessee. Sheila Leggett. Executive Director 


“The awards look great! FABULOUS! We are so pleased!”

Savant. Kelly McDermott. Activities Coordinator 


“We were blown away by the awards and the packaging.  Your attention to detail is impeccable. Wonderful craftsmanship.  And the packaging really makes the recipient feel so special.  Thank you for delivering such high quality work that is worthy of honoring our company’s top performers.”

Hanger, Inc. Jennifer Bittner. Vice President, Public Relations and Corporate Communications 


"From our point of view TROPHYOLOGY fills a much needed niche in the award industry: they bring excellent design to the trophies that are given to recognize design excellence....the beautiful design of their trophies elevates the inherent value of any design awards program."

Miró Rivera Architects. Juan Miró, FAIA. Principal


“Eva carefully contemplated our objectives and studied our firm’s history and culture before making any recommendations on the design of a special gift for the members of our firm who have been with us for 25 years. She used a deliberate design process to capture what we were trying to say with our gift and how it represented the best of what we do as architects and designers. Eva created a series of alternatives that were authentic and timeless. Hers is truly custom design work that is of the highest quality exhibiting the finest craftsmanship.

I would highly recommend Eva Schone, and her firm Trophyology, for the design and production of special awards that represent exceptional performance and achievement. Her work is just exceptional.”

Corgan Inc. David Lind, FAIA. Chairman


“When we brought our project to Trophyology, we really had no specific idea of what we were after. Not only did Eva and her team walk us through a very productive conceptual exercise, but they then executed perfectly on the ideas they presented.  Their collaborative, professional approach was a pleasure to be a part of, and the end result was a wonderfully crafted set of awards and corporate gifts that capture the essence of our organization's style and vision.”

Hanger , Inc. John Hathaway. Vice President of Real Estate 


"As I rolled off of the Creative Action Board this year after 6 years of service, Karen presented me with an amazing plaque that you designed.   I can’t tell you how much I love it and feel like it so perfectly represents the essence of the organization.  I will certainly enjoy it for a long time!"

Creative Action. Marnie Near. Board Chair 2010 - 2015


"It is no easy task to find ways to commemorate achievements by our members who are masters of design.  A certificate just isn't enough and conventional trophies are simply not adequate.  TROPHYOLOGY offers a magnificent combination of classic design, beautiful craftsmanship, and attainable pricing – the perfect blend for a design oriented organization.  My members are now spoiled for anything else."

Sally Ann Fly, Honorary AIA , Executive Director American Institute of Architects Austin


"DWR Austin hosted our 5th Annual Modern+Function+Design furniture competition this year. Four categorical winners received an inscribed TROPHYOLOGY award, made from heavy solid woods and brushed metal. What a pleasure to present such an elegant, hand crafted award to the winning designers and architects. TROPHYOLOGY’s aesthetic stems from a simple, architectural form, produced by hand using honest materials."

Vickie Collins, Studio Proprietor Design Within Reach Austin Studio


“While we have always been honored to be selected for AIA Design Awards, it was especially gratifying this year to be presented with such a beautiful artifact.  The trophy embodies the profession's core values of handsome design and excellent craftsmanship.  As I'm sure it does with all the recipients, this trophy stands out amidst everything else on our shelves."

Kevin Alter, Alterstudio Architects, LLP


"It is a great honor to win an AIA design award and be recognized by one’s peers. Receiving the exquisitely crafted

award, designed and fabricated by TROPHYOLOGY, further heighten the honor. The attention to detail and materiality is beautifully done."

Murray Legge, FAIA


“My stationery case takes my breath away. Thank you for being all we imagined and then some.”

Connie Wallace, Hon. AIA, FASAE, Executive Director AIA Tennessee


"When I received my awards for furniture design from the Austin Design Within Reach studio, I was very impressed with the awards that were presented. The fact that the awards themselves were so beautifully designed and carefully considered added a real sense of importance to the occasion.  I keep the awards proudly and prominently displayed in my office."

Philip Keil, AIA, Principal, Furman + Keil Architects


"Quality craftsmanship combined with clarity of thought.  An award with its own achievement quietly but strongly presented."

Lindsay Nakashima – Juror DWR Modern+Function+Design Furniture Now Competition


"It was a great honor to be recognized for the award and that honor was magnified by the exceptional design and craftsmanship of the physical trophy ...Unique! ...like none other any of us have seen before."

John Nyfeler, FAIA - John Nyfeler Architect


“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We couldn’t have asked for the entire process -- beginning with our very first conversation, the tailored Austin experience, design, prototyping, every last detail -- to have gone more smoothly. Everything was perfect! Please know that you’ve made a lasting and beautiful impact on our firm.”

Jennifer Stanley, Senior Human Resources Analyst, Corgan Inc.


“I wanted to thank you for designing and producing such a beautiful plaque for the Green Building Program. Obviously it is a HUGE improvement over the previous design but more than that it is a real work of art! Well done.”

Alex Finnell, Finn Design Build, Austin, Texas


“I cannot tell you how much it meant to be sitting in the audience and to suddenly realize that I was one of the recipients of this incredibly special and beautiful handcrafted box. I was so caught off guard, especially when I had just been wishing I had worked longer so I would be receiving one of them, too. Wow! I am still at a loss to tell you how it feels to get something this meaningful – a gift that had so much thought and planning put into its execution.”

Suzanne Charriere, retired Managing Principal and CFO, Corgan Associates, Inc.


“The trophies were a huge hit! You have added a wonderful elegance to our awards gala.”

David Powell, Principal Hastings Architecture Associates


"As a recipient of this unique award object in recognition of my 25th anniversary at Corgan, I am sharing a few thoughts on “The Box.” That’s what we call it at home because simple beauty requires a simple word to name it. Saying anything more than what it is will diminish what it means.

Award recognitions fall most often in the range between tacky and banal. Even recognition of some note causes no sense of expectation on my part. Experience has let me to expect something to hang on the wall, or to collect dust on a shelf or hide in a closet. It isn’t from a lack of trying or heartfelt sentiment on the part of those selecting the award. This is a tough problem to solve: How does one manifest in a material object something as ephemeral as time or service to an organization? How does one impart meaning that transcends merely saying “thanks for what you’ve done”?

I will always cherish The Box, for it captures sentiment in a simple, utilitarian form. A stationery box, in this age of speed and electronic communication — an invitation to slow down, to reflect and offer thanks. And to remember the time in my life that it represents.

I will always honor its simple form. It feels right in the hand. The smoothness of the wood is made richer by attention to the values of joinery, fit and finish. It is heavy, substantial; honestly taking its place in time. It feels right to the eye as well. The overlapping forms reinforce the deep attention to design and craftsmanship. It floats above its footprint, owning its position, yet fitting to its surroundings. It is architecture. When open, its odor is present with the freshness of fabrication, revealing a place for unborn thoughts to rest. And the simple metal band with engraved text invites me to gratitude.

It is altogether right that simple combination of materials, thoughtfully crafted into such a refined object, touches on all the senses in this way. True gratitude engages all the senses, and this object quietly and elegantly captures gratitude.

So perhaps it is not so hard to impart transcendental meaning in an object when it is designed and crafted by loving hands. For an architect, this is something to aspire to, and for that I am grateful."

David Zatopek, AIA, Vice President, Corgan Inc.



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