FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Recommended Reading About Employee Recognition

At Trophyology, we want to spread the word about the power of employee appreciation. Here are three articles that will inspire you to create a culture of recognition in your workplace.

Some Clear Lessons to Remember for Better Employee Engagement

What we learned:

  • Recognition and rewards should reinforce how the work is done, not just what is accomplished.
  • Celebrate progress on the way to a big milestone.
  • Give different awards based on effort, results and other factors.

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Confessions of a Cheerleader

What we learned:

  • Recognition doesn’t just mean awards or trophies. It means making a habit of saying “thank you.”
  • And it means listening and showing respect.

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The Costs of Ignoring Employee Engagement

What we learned:

  • According to a global workforce study, “Employees are eager to invest more of themselves to help the company succeed, but want to understand what’s in it for them. If workers feel they have no road to advancement or achievement, that’s a big turn-off when it comes to engagement.”

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Image: Copenhagen Modern Library // First Prize // Christoph Jantos, Switzerland



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