SPOTLIGHT: Customized Geometria Cubus Awards for Herman Miller


Today we're focusing the spotlight on a custom award design created for client Herman Miller.


Herman Miller is an American company that produces office furniture and equipment, and home furnishings. You may be sitting in a Herman Miller chair right now! 

This design is very reminiscent of our classic Cubus, with an exciting new paint job. Featuring a grey reminding us of the sky on a rainy Austin day, our signature paint finish is fashioned into a "belt" around the award. Engraved into the band is Herman Miller's Outstanding Sales Performers and their intriguing logo, originally designed by Irving Harper in 1946.


We can practically smell the petrichor looking at these awards! We don't often use custom colors in our designs but we love how these turned out.

We are so excited to create more custom award designs for Herman Miller in the future.



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