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Enigma Values Awards

About the Awards

One of Enigma’s company traditions is to give out Enigma Values Awards at their annual retreat. They hand out these peer-nominated awards to recognize those who have embodied Enigma’s values:

  • Generosity: We are collaborative to our core. Highly aligned and loosely coupled, every individual operates in service of the greater whole.
  • Curiosity: We are constantly asking questions and seeking answers in pursuit of deeper understanding of how the real world operates.
  • Ingenuity: We are not here to follow the status quo. We are here to think differently and challenge assumptions, always with an eye to what’s new and next.
  • Drive: We are inspired to move fast, and deliver results. No task is too small and no problem is too difficult to tackle and make a real impact.

Enigma’s values, their definitions, and the associated behaviors are not only central to defining who Enigma is as a company today but are also critical in shaping the future that they are all working toward every day.

Detail of personalized engraved trophy

Honoree Feedback

This year's Generosity Award winner, Yegor Ius, shares his positive experience:

“The annual Enigma Value Awards are core to the company’s culture of recognizing the hard work our team does. This tradition empowers everyone to do their best to help the company achieve its goals. Most importantly, the awards nomination process makes it clear that Enigma rewards those who help their peers, which instills a culture of collaboration across our teams.”

“I love the really slick design, the weight of it felt just right when I took it out of the packaging. The modern look compliments my shelf.”


Detailed design award engraving

Design Concept

Enigma wanted to design an award that recipients would be excited to receive and display.

The visual design concept of the 2021 Enigma value award was "Improvisation to Process," in honor of Enigma's spirit of establishing new processes through agile collaboration. 

With that theme as a north star, the design team used Enigma's logo to visually show how each shape comes together and transforms into the completed "enigma" logo shape at the bottom of the trophy. The design also implies how Enigma is the sum of its parts, and how they're building the company's processes together.


Our Collaboration

"Trophyology's custom wood engraving technique enables us to show our visual concept in a more impactful way, tied to the theme of how each individual at Enigma leaves marks in a way that makes our community unique and special.

The classic vertical shape and minimalist details of the Stela Square trophy option matched Enigma's minimalistic brand design, which prizes simplicity and clarity. Using that versatile template, we showed four Enigma values - Generosity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, and Drive.

The Trophyology team readily communicated and discussed our custom design needs with us and met our timeline. The awards arrived quickly and brought more excitement to our annual award event!"



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