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Circular Modern Award Design Speculo


On July 1, 2021, three Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) employees (ditch foreman, Chad “Hank” Jensen; his straw, Cole Cathey; and oiler, Jacquelyn Tofsly) were heading home on a county road in Northern Minnesota when they came upon a serious accident involving a Ford Bronco.


When Cathey and Tofsly arrived, they noticed flames coming from underneath the wrecked vehicle and the driver was still inside. Cathey immediately called 911, while Tofsly ran to the vehicle and pulled the driver out to safety. Jensen controlled traffic with a stop sign and flagging gear, protecting everyone involved.


Shortly after pulling the driver to safety, the vehicle burst into flames. Emergency responders arrived and the fire department extinguished the fire while EMS transported the driver to the hospital for treatment.


Members of the local fire department stated that if it hadn’t been for the bravery and quick reaction of these individuals, the driver would not have survived this accident.


These PPL employees put their training and teamwork into action and were awarded for exemplary heroism, recognizing their bravery and quick-thinking. PPL is incredibly proud of their safety culture that goes beyond the project to protect the people and communities where they work.


We are proud to have created the awards for such deserving honorees. Their leadership and decisive action were commendable and we applaud Precision Pipeline for recognizing their employees' excellence.


Congratulations Jacquelyn, Cole, and Hank!⁠

Brave Heroes Honored with Designer Awards
Deserving Honorees Recognized for Hard Work
Thank you to our partners at Precision Pipeline for these humbling words:

"Trophyology and their wide variety of design options was the perfect source for our award needs. The Speculo Award Circula was the ideal design with a circle shape conveying our industry and three circles representing the three crew members’ teamwork. The award's shape fit our mission and was the best choice to honor these employees for exemplary heroism.

The team at Trophyology was incredible to work with, created custom engraving to fit our brand and had great communication throughout the entire process. The awards arrived quickly and were wrapped beautifully, ready to gift to our honorees." 


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