INTRODUCING: Trophyology's New Maker's Mark

Trophyology maple Cubus trophy engraving Austin, Texas

"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. 
Autograph your work with excellence."

Ted Key
For centuries artisans have autographed their work with a distinct mark. While we may think of it as a way to identify a potentially valuable object (hello Antiques Roadshow), perhaps more importantly, it is a deeply personal way for artisans to express their pride in their original and quality work. 

The following three famous maker's marks served as references and inspiration when we considered the design of our new signet:
Banko Ware originated in the 1730’s in the ‘Mie’ prefecture in Japan. Merchant Rozan Nunami produced heat resistant tea pots from the local clay found in the town of Yokkaichi. He stamped each object with a seal depicting ‘Bankofueki,’ which means ‘Eternity, Constancy’ in hopes that these pieces would be passed on through generations.

Two crossed blue swords have symbolized the fine quality of porcelain made in Meissen near Dresden, Saxony, Germany since 1722. The dream of making gold resulted in the accidental discovery of hard-paste white porcelain that rivaled the quality of rare Asian porcelain, a highly desired status symbol among the 18th century European aristocracy.  
Tiffany's maker's mark had such appeal that it has become the design feature of the Tiffany 1837 collection. According to Tiffany & Co, "every Tiffany 1837® bracelet, necklace and ring is elegantly inscribed with the year we were founded and reflects the authentic artisanal workmanship our legacy was built on."
Today, we are thrilled to introduce our new maker’s mark. When you see this new signet on Trophyology awards, it symbolizes the autograph of each of our team members who dedicate their outstanding talents, skills, and care to the recognition of excellence. Every award is designed and crafted to embody and symbolize each honoree's achievement and to be proudly displayed for a lifetime. 
Team Trophyology

Eva, Tyler, Merit, Stephanie, Steve, Michael, Jason, Andrew, Kimby, Chris, Charlie, Amanda, Alex



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