FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Entrepreneurial Tightrope

Small Business Week may be officially over, but really, all of you awesome fellow small business owners know that Small Business Week has 365 days and then some. I read this statistic that in the US over 57% of the private workforce is employed by small businesses. I was surprised to read that number because thinking of the US as an entity, I thought that large corporations would outnumber small businesses. But then I started thinking about all the small business owners I know and I got all excited: I would estimate that at least 2/3 of all of my facebook friends are small business owners. Amazing, right? Let me just tell you how impressed and proud I am of knowing you!

Thanks to all of you brave souls who have stepped out on that bouncy entrepreneurial limb – please pat yourself on the back. Because you know what? You’ve inspired me to take that step 3 years ago. You encourage me with your wisdom when the going gets a little rough. And you are the heart and soul of so many communities. Be proud of yourself. In my estimation, this is a huge part of the American Dream. And we are living it! At the risk of this sounding cheesy, this country still is The Land of Opportunity. I cannot think of another place where people are so encouraging to one another to try something and where people are genuinely happy when things work out. And if they don’t, for any reason at all, people are equally encouraging to try something else. That’s pretty special in my book and I am truly grateful for this attitude.

It’s an absolute privilege to run my business Trophyology and I have embarrassingly much fun building this company. I truly love it. I know so many fellow entrepreneurs here in Austin and in other places who share this sentiment and who live happy fulfilled lives while balancing on this beautiful tightrope called entrepreneurship. And that’s really what it is – it’s a tightrope. Up high. And we have to step out on it and start walking with the utter and deep belief that we can make it. I remembered how much I loved watching “Man on Wire” and how incredibly inspired I was by this man’s unfaltering belief in himself. Totally crazy! I still can’t believe that he walked between those two buildings. But he did. And beautifully and gracefully so. Perhaps it’s a great way to end the official Small Business Week by watching this film again and get re-inspired for the next 51 weeks and then some.

And last but not least, a heartfelt thanks to all of you sweet souls who are supporting all of us entrepreneurs in small and in big ways by being our amazing clients, collaborators, and of course our dear friends and families. Thanks for being our cheerleaders and our invisible safety nets. It means the world – thank you for being part of our dreams.


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