INSPIRATION: How Carpet made in Sweden inspired our awards made in the U.S.A.

When we design our Trophyology awards, plaques, and gifts, we always look for inspiration in the worlds of design, art, architecture, and fashion. We are truly inspired by our fellow creatives here in Austin, Texas, the United States and all around the globe. We are inspired not just by the amazing work they create, but also by the ways they present them to the world. We are grateful that our favorite design blogs collect and curate exquisite work for us.

Today we want to share with you this incredible video, really an artistic short film, that was made to introduce a new line of carpet. Bolon Carpet, designed and made in Sweden, to be precise. We are absolutely in love with this film “The Contradiction of Silence.” It is fascinating and beautiful, and it makes us want to carpet … everything. Perhaps not quite, but we love seeing such artistic brilliance associated with a product that many of us would not particularly associate with high design, theater, dance, music, and film. Choreographed by Alexander Ekman, the film is rich on its own, but it gains even more meaning with this in-depth look by design blog Yatzer. We loved learning that everything seen in the film was made out of carpet or carpet fiber – the set, the dancers’ clothing, the meals and even the shoe laces.

Since we were thoroughly intrigued about this innovative carpet manufacturing company, we wanted to learn more about its story. Sisters Annica and Marie Eklund are the third generation to run this Swedish family business founded in 1949. Since they took the reins in the early 2000’s, the company has focused on collaborations with world-class designers and architects. You can see the stunning result of the collaboration with fashion house Missoni in this video and with architect Jean Nouvel here.

We find such inspiration in Bolon’s work. Like the flooring industry, the world ofawards and recognition has needed a high-design and high-quality alternative. We hope to blaze that trail.  We are very glad to have seen this beautiful work at this moment in time as we are in the midst of designing our new award collection. We will add Bolon and Alexander Ekman to our list of muses and the book “The Story of Bolon” to our reading list.

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