Things we love: Pieces with a Story

What is it about objects with a special story? They are the things we fall in love with, the things we treasure because they have been passed on to us, and they are the things we carry with us on our journey. They are the things we admire greatly and believe in creating at TROPHYOLOGY.

Helm Boots of Austin has a story that captures us: “We used to make stuff in Istanbul but now we are proud to have our boots crafted in Maine, USA. We source our materials as much as possible in the United States and use products from other small manufacturers like Horween Tannery in Chicago and Fairfield Textile in New Jersey. We love how our Fathers and Grandfathers built our country while wearing work boots and we wanted to create a work boot for today: something that would transition between all of the places you’ll find yourself in work and in play.”

Take that story, plus high-quality materials and great designs, and you have one special brand. We are sure that Helm boots become part of owners’ stories as well, woven into memories of jobs, homes and family.

We also love how the jewelry pieces by our friend Anna Vasquez of Nested Yellowtell a story through their design. Here’s an example: “Write a sweet love letter and wear it every day. This stackable ring was inspired by the concept of keeping your loved ones close as they are the stepping stones in life. With a stack of more than one stone, each stone can be designed to fit together and each one unique in size/shape.”

Think of the way that you value handcrafted boots or jewelry. Or how much you savor a delicious meal with fresh produce from the farmers market, or treasure a classic jacket or piece of furniture that belonged to one of your parents or grandparents. These pieces give us comfort , and a sense of love, because of the associated story and the care and love with which they were made. We are touched by these stories — they give the pieces reference and meaning.

We believe that you deserve handcrafted awards and honors that make you feel the same way. These markers for our lives’ milestones are important, and we believe they should be part of the “local, authentic, sustainable” movement. We are dedicated to reforming the world of recognition, and we welcome you to come with us as we continue to tell our story.

PS: One of our favorite hashtags is #MadeWithLove. Help us spread the love of making by using it.

  1. Nested Yellow_Hand stamped stackable Love Letter ring
  2. Helm Boots_Sam Original
  3. Nested Yellow_Handmade Sterling Silver Leaf bracelet
  4. Trophyology_Handcrafted Honor Award for Texas Society of Architects


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