A New Collection Inspired by High Fashion

Gracilia Runway Premiere

Introducing Gracilia

Honoring your best in style with a new collection inspired by high fashion

We’ve long admired high fashion for its innovation, timeless beauty, and high level of craftsmanship. Similar to our approach, haute couture requires an intensive and conceptual design process followed by meticulous and exacting construction. In developing our latest collection, we were influenced by this creative and classic field. From this focus, Gracilia emerged.

Gracilia is a new Trophyology award with an exclusive elegance and graceful prestige. Over 13 inches in height, it is our tallest, most statuesque trophya dramatically dignified piece worthy of the highest honor. 

Just as the attire for each ceremony or event is carefully selected to proclaim personality, Gracilia is an opportunity to reflect a distinct character. As fashion designer Rachel Zoe remarked, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Gracilia speaks on your behalf without needing words.  

Gracilia is the first Trophyology design that can be styled in over 100 ways -- four unique faces, ten nameplates, four wood varieties, and three sizes. The expansive number of potential combinations is intended to offer you a level of customization that celebrates refined and intentional individual style. Gracilia's iconic shape is the perfect base to customize with unique accessories. Explore the possibilities in our lookbook.



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