Inspiring Examples of Client Award Suites


 Recognition suites from Trophyology clients

Much like building a project, sales, or inter-office sports team, assembling an award suite to recognize different achievements, accolades, or acknowledgements pairs overall vision with the right individual team members. Trophyology makes building a recognition program simple and effective with designs that can proudly stand on their own or that can play beautifully together. Over the years, our clients have assembled many creative suites for their custom corporate awards. We are featuring a few different ways to approach this process.


Multiple Designs from Various Collections

Umpqua Bank and UGG both incorporate designs from different collections. Elipsa Speculo adds variation to Umpqua's Figura selections and Geometria Cubus is a thoughtful addition to Figura Rectangulum for UGG. 

Multiple designs from a single collection

                                                Intuit   HBG

Intuit selected a suite featuring every award in the Geometria collection. Each design was used to represent a different company core value. Obeliscus is paired with passion, Pyramis with decisiveness, Rectangulus fast learning, Cubus with boldness, Triangulus with delivering awesome, and Circulus with winning together. 

HBG also created an award suite entirely from the Figura collection to honor work anniversaries, and selectively grouped Quadratum, Trigonum, and Rectangulum

 A single design with varying name plates



Clients HOW and Trice demonstrate the versatility of a single design with the use of our different name plate materials. We offer gold (brass), silver (nickel), bronze (copper) as classic options for creating recognition tiers, as well as white and black name plates. 


A single design with varying wood species 


If you are looking for a single iconic award shape, our three wood species -- Walnut, Maple, and Black -- work together wonderfully to provide a complementary contrast. The range of natural tones, from light to dark, allow for a significant shift in appearance. Each species can be assigned a distinct meaning.


Make the most of your award program by building a thoughtful award suite with modern trophies.

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