SPOTLIGHT: Personalized Quarterly Awards for Arlo Technologies


Today we're taking a closer look at awards we've created for our client Arlo Technologies.

Arlo Technologies is a home automation company, specializing in wireless security cameras.

Our professional relationship goes back to mid-2019, when we had the honor of creating their first Cubus!

Arlo's Empower Awards feature the company's values - Results, Customer Focus, Integrity, Collaboration, and Innovation - in a circular arrangement, all engraved into Cubus' satin-finish white paint and adorned by their adorable hummingbird logo. How cute is that!

TROPHYOLOGY has also created Arlo Empower Awards as Quadratum. Featuring our beloved hummingbird friend on the top face, engraved white aluminum plates denote the selected honorees and their titles.


We always get excited to see Arlo's name in our email inboxes - we could stare at their logo all day! We treasure Arlo as clients and the relationship we have with them. 

Looking forward to our future together, Arlo!




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