Up-Cycle Our Recycled Felt

Creative ways to reuse our recycled felt 

Did you know that all Trophyology awards are wrapped in handmade felt sleeves that are inspired by traditional Japanese Furoshiki wraps? Our wraps are made from a light gray colored felt-like material that is fabricated in the USA from recycled plastic bottles.
Sewn locally in Austin, the felt sleeves add not only protection to the finely finished wooden awards, they also add a certain personal touch to the unboxing experience for Trophyology honorees. 

We’ve listed some imaginative ways to extend the life of this already sustainable material and made-with-love aspect of our packaging.


Bottle of wine GIFT

Whether you’re invited to a party or visiting friends or family, a bottle of wine is always a welcome host gift. Dress up your next bottle of wine in style by reusing our felt sleeve and adding a bow of your choice. PS: This works equally great for candle gifts.

Plant koozie

Decorate and insulate your small potted plants with felt! You can also take this idea a step further by adding acrylic paint for chic and minimal decor.



Tablet holder

You can create your own stylish felt tablet holder by reusing our felt. Cushion your device and secure with a fastener of your choice.



Packaging award felt creative reuse

Desk Catch-all

Our felt can act as a great desk accessory. Place pens, markers, and other every-day writing utensils in this catch-all and take them on the go in your computer bag.


Shoe bag

Store and transport your favorite shoes by wrapping them in felt. On your shoe rack or in your suitcase, this material will separate and protect your footwear.


Sunglasses holder

Our felt also happens to be a great sunglasses carrying sleeve for the casual sunnies you might take to the pool or beach. You may also throw in your swimming goggles. 


Wondering if you can throw the felt sleeves into the washing machine? Yes, absolutely! Wash with cold or warm water and it will look new many times over.

We'd love to see how you are using the wraps creatively - snap a photo and tag us @trophyology!


If you are looking for more felt projects that you can do with the whole family, you can visit Ecofi Kunin.


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