A New Unboxing Experience


Delivering Excellence


At Trophyology, we always aim to deliver excellence and this includes a lovely unboxing experience. From the first impression to every moment of the unwrapping process that reveals an award, we want to make each honoree feel the significance of their accomplishment. With this in mind, we have designed every element of our packaging with care. 


Since our inception, we have worked exclusively with black presentation boxes. Today, we are excited to introduce contrast and light by incorporating white boxes into our packaging suite. We believe that a box’s exterior should reflect the object inside. Both boxes, white and black, will also feature a new angular applique. 


The black ribbon fitted to each box includes a handwritten note of congratulations alongside an image of Trophyology awards. Again, these personal touches are designed to speak directly to the individual honoree and evoke a sense of value, excellence, and care.




Designed with Care
Sora and Michael collaborated to create our new packaging design. The angle and scale of each ribbon was measured and tested for the most compelling effect and unique fit to each box.

          Packaging Design Angular Awards Geometric Minimalism        Personalized black and white unboxing award



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