SPOTLIGHT: Desk Set Lux Cupri, Natural Elegance That Nourishes The Soul

Walnut and Copper Desk Accessory Lux Cupri by Trophyology


As many of us adjust to working from home:
    • How do we shift from being AT HOME to being AT WORK?
      • Create a dedicated work space and a ritual around going to work.
    • How do we stay productive and inspired?
      • Stay organized, take mental breaks, surround yourself with beauty.
    • How do we keep our remote teams motivated?
      • Recognition of a job well done 
Our desk set Lux Cupri offers a perfect moment of tranquility and harmony when we look up from our screens. It’s a mini desk oasis that nourishes the soul. We invite you to appreciate and encourage your work-at-home stars (or yourself) with a gift of tranquility and harmony. Intrigued? Learn more and shop now at luxdeskset.com or at trophyology.com.


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