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We’ve been proud to collaborate with 4th Edition Design since 2020. When we discovered 4th Edition, we knew our shared values for excellence would support a productive partnership.

As a rapidly growing business, Trophyology needed a similarly enterprising partner who was able to scale with us while maintaining our high standards of craftsmanship at every step of the process. 4th Edition Founder and CEO Tracy Hammock’s background as a commercially-minded business leader with experience in general management, operations and supply change management provides an appreciated expertise.

We’re grateful to work closely with this talented team of artisans and collaborators who are dedicated to the fabrication of Trophyology awards. Craftsmanship is one of our core tenets and this crew is committed to meticulous detail and high-quality results.

Kat Mitchell, 4th Edition Designer and Creative Consultant, is our lead coordinator and facilitates operations. Ned Johnson is Fabrication Manager who guides production and works alongside Fabrication Assistant Taylor Kron, in addition to up to four other artisans who help bring Trophyology designs to life. We're pleased to have supported the hiring of several new team members who have been brought on specifically to contribute to our expanding work together.

Q&A with Kat Mitchell

Tell us about 4th Edition.

4th Edition Design is a custom furniture design studio. Every aspect of our work is curated and hand tailored to the clients vision. We have amazing artisanal craftspeople on our team that strive for precision and perfection. No design is too complicated or out of our wheelhouse. If a client has a vision we will design and bring it to fruition.

Can you talk about your process and quality standards?

Quality is something that resonates with everyone. It is obvious when a piece is quality or lacking quality, even if the viewer can't articulate what differentiates the two. At 4th Edition we are involved in every step of the design process. We work directly with the client on design, we hand pick all of our materials, we consider all of the components and design obstacles. The grain patterning is even studied and considered when creating a piece. While there are some elements in the design process that can be quantified as a fine science, I believe design is still largely an art form. 

What is your favorite part of our work together?

I really admire the attention to detail and the proclivity towards perfection. It is a welcomed challenge here at 4th Edition and the team is constantly finding new ways to increase efficiency, productivity and quality. Generally the furniture work we create is quite large scale so it is refreshing to apply our principles and standards for smaller installments. People often underestimate the difficulty of working at this scale. Accuracy must increase the smaller the object becomes. Again, we welcome the challenge. I also love seeing the wood we select translated into its final geometric form as a trophy. 




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