TRAVEL: When in Rome...

Modern Award Company Trophyology visits Rome

Unique modern award company Trophyology on a visit to RomeThis May, I had the good fortune to visit Rome again. ‘Senza parole - speechless’ was the phrase that came to mind most frequently. There were many remarkable experiences on this trip - I’m still in awe and keep counting the blessings.

It was already a good sign when the sun aligned right above St. Peter’s Basilica as we strolled through Vatican City one afternoon. The play of light and shadow in the square was beautiful. A few days later, I found myself utterly speechless when doors and pathways magically opened and we stepped onto the roof of the Basilica. I never dreamed of standing right behind the colossal thirteen statues that crown its facade. It was mind-blowing to look back over St. Peter’s Square sharing a view mostly reserved to the stone-hewn likenesses of Jesus and his twelve apostles. Wow! 

The sense of wonder continued as we wound our way up into the cupola, along a tight spiral staircase that was built between the inner and outer walls of the dome. It’s hard to fathom that this impressive structure has been in place for almost 400 years.

While I was still reflecting on these incredible experiences, Team Trophyology was invited to create a design concept for...the Vatican…Yup. The. Vatican. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised at that point, but this still falls into the 'absolutely remarkable' category in my book. 

One of my favorite aspects of travel is that we go out into the world to explore, to expand, to be surprised. We open ourselves to possibility and wonder. We willingly meet the unknown with ease and a playful sense of purpose, simply trusting that things will be good. Because why wouldn't they? Perhaps this spirit of positive expectation and unbridled delight represent some of the most valuable gifts travel offers to us.

What are your ways of inviting this joyful and expectant energy into your daily routine after you have landed back home? 

Here's to magic alignment for all of us! 




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