Custom Executive Gift: Stationery Boxes for Hanger, Inc.


Incorporating an array of colored pencils, this custom wood stationery box interprets Hanger’s logo and brand standards in a creative way that lends three-dimensional texture to the award design. We chose Texas pecan for the box since the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

We laser cut the company’s logo out of the pecan box lid in which we recess the colored pencils.

We branded stationery with the Hanger logo and laser engraved a heartfelt note to the recipients on the bottom of the box.

As part of the design exploration and prototyping process, we created several versions of the Hanger Empowerment Mark – one we created with a color paper array and another one as a fine tapestry within a walnut box.



  • Pecan
  • Colored pencils


  • Laser engraving on pecan

DIMENSIONS: ~ L8” x W8” x T2”


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